Sony Ericsson calls Xperia Play beneficial for all Android gamers

Xperia Play
Xperia Play

The PlayStation certified Xperia Play smartphone from Sony Ericsson is launching at the end of the month and now an executive from the manufacturer’s UK arm has said that he thinks the phone will make Android better for gamers, no matter which handset they choose.

In an interview with a TechRadar company spokesperson, Dave Hilton said that the influence of the Xperia Play will make Android a much more game-friendly platform, affecting every compatible mobile.

Mr Hilton said that by working in partnership with Google to enhance Android’s gaming credentials above and beyond those of its rivals like iOS and Windows Phone 7, the platform would become more attractive to developers.

Integrating technology from Havok into Android games is set to improve the graphics and physics, said Mr Hilton, pointing out that while these features would be optimally experienced on the Xperia Play, other Android smartphones would feel the benefits.

With a total of 50 titles available at launch and six coming preinstalled, the Xperia Play has a strong launchpad for success. PlayStation Network integration will help it to match the Windows Phone 7 handsets which all feature Xbox Live functionality.

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