Sony Ericsson hints at new Walkman mobile launch

Sony Ericsson Walkman
A new Sony Ericsson Walkman?

Another smartphone bearing the Walkman branding and focusing on media playback could be on its way from Sony Ericsson, after the firm released a new advert for the range.

The poster, which was showcased by Android Community, may contain relatively little information but it is clearly designed to reinvigorate interest in the idea of a Walkman phone, promising that a smarter edition is on its way.

You could argue that all of Sony Ericsson’s modern mobiles bear the traits of the Walkman range, with Mediascape laid on top of Android to make playback seamless. However, since the software is already in place, the firm could well be enhancing the hardware side of things.

It is only possible to speculate as to the specs of the next Walkman phone, but given the arrival of Sony’s BRAVIA image processing technology in a mobile format, you can expect to see similarly impressive visual functionality in the future.

Android is sure to be the operating system of choice for Sony Ericsson’s Walkman revival and with all the dual core processors knocking around, it would make sense for its number crunching grunt to be suitably fierce, but time will tell.

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