Sony slashes mobile manufacturing targets

Sony logoSony has dialled down the number of smartphones it intends to produce over the next year, emphasising the idea that it will be producing handsets that are of a better quality in smaller quantities, according to Reuters.

This is a similar tactic to the one announced recently by Samsung, with these major firms taking the decision to scale down output, in order to account for losses being made in this oversaturated marketplace.

Sony has won accolades for its flagship smartphones, like the Xperia Z3, but has suffered as a result of less than ideal sales. So even with critical success, it seems that commercial dominance is no guarantee.

Not only is Sony seeing its mobile business affected, but it is also having trouble keeping up in the TV market. So revising its strategies and reducing the number of mobiles it produces by up to a third, could help it to cut its losses significantly.

For consumers, this means that you may be able to snap up a Sony Xperia 3 at an impressive low price, or at least benefit from better build quality in the handsets released by this company over the coming months and years.

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