Sony Xperia T3 unleashed

Image via mashable.comThis week Sony has announced details of a new mid range smartphone called the Xperia T3, which aims to slot neatly into the market somewhere a little below its flagship Xperia Z2 device.

The T3 has decent specifications by any measure, offering up a 5.3 inch 720p screen upfront, while a 1.4GHz quad core processor beats away at the heart of the handset.

An eight megapixel camera sits on the back and it comes with almost all of the features found on the higher end models in the Xperia range.

What Sony is really pushing about the Xperia T3 is its design, which is very similar to that of its premium siblings. So it looks good in the hand without doing quite so much damage to your bank account.

Of course, Sony has yet to actually confirm just how much this model will cost customers in the UK. And it does not look like the phone will be waterproof, so it lacks one of the biggest selling points of the Z2.

However, customers on a budget will get plenty from this phablet-sized mid range handset, as long as it is kept at an affordable price point.

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