Speculation on white iPhone 5 surfaces

iPhone 4 White
iPhone 5 White instead?

Apple is allegedly working on creating a white version of the fifth handset in the iPhone franchise despite the fact that the iPhone 4 White Edition has never seen the light of day.

These reports have surfaced as a result of Apple’s manufacturing partners leaking details about an exclusive contract to create the white iPhone 5, according to Economic Daily News.

Months and months of delays have meant that the white iPhone 4 is still a pipe dream, with Apple allegedly unhappy with the uniformity of the colouring and the light bleed from the display.

Apple is still apparently working on the white iPhone 4 and it could be available in the first few months of this year, but with the iPhone 5 likely to arrive in June there seems little time for the current generation to get the white treatment and still be appealing.

It seems that the iPhone range has become a victim of its own success from a certain point of view, with regular yearly updates to the hardware specs giving each new iteration little time to settle into the market. This is a symptom of the wider smartphone market, but is perhaps more keenly felt by Apple fans.

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