Stress test proves Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is tough

Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has capitalised on the criticism levelled against the iPhone 6 Plus and its apparently fragile, bendable shell, by creating a new video in which it shows just how much force the new Galaxy Note 4 phablet can withstand.

The ad is not only designed to impress users with the robust build of this upcoming handset, but also points out that just because a phone has a large screen it does not necessarily mean that it will be weak and flawed.

A thorough bend test was carried out on the Note 4 to show that it can withstand the weight of being sat on over and over against by a typical user without coming away with any ill effects. This is, apparently, thanks to the fact that it has a magnesium frame on the inside, unlike the iPhone 6 Plus.

Of course, critics will point out that the Galaxy Note 4 has generated controversy of its own as a result of the fact that there are reports of a small gap existing around the 5.7 inch QHD screen, which Samsung has explained away as being a ‘feature’ of the phone rather than a manufacturing error.

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