Summer launch for Nokia 9 rumoured

Nokia LogoSources quoted by Nokia Power User have suggested that the Finnish brand’s upcoming flagship smartphone, known simply as the 9, will be unmasked in late July or the first few days of August this year.

Its retail release may not occur for a month after this point, but it seems more and more likely that the 9 will touch down before the end of 2017 and mark the high point of Nokia’s release schedule, at least from a technical perspective.

Insiders have claimed that the Nokia 9 will come packed with the cutting edge Snapdragon 835 chipset, along with 6GB of RAM, a 5.5 inch display with a QHD resolution and a beefy 3800mAh battery.

Photography capabilities should be impressive, with a dual lens primary camera setup that can snap 22 megapixel images expected. There will also be a pair of biometric scanners built in, one which handles fingerprint while the other can read the unique form of a user’s iris.

By contrast with the mid range models that have already been announced, the Nokia 9 looks like a true attempt to take on market leaders like the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Whether it will succeed commercially is yet to be determined.