Super simple mobile goes back to basics

John's PhoneA new mobile phone which deliberately acts in opposition to the smartphones of today has arrived, playing to the most basic of mobile functions, namely making and receiving voice calls.

Known as the John’s Phone, it comes from ad firm John Doe and has very limited specs which reject any kind of display in favour of a design that is essentially a white rectangle with a numeric keypad and call buttons. As such you cannot send texts.

The major positive of cutting out all of the modern extras is that the John’s Phone will be able to operate for three weeks without needing to be recharged. Because you cannot store the numbers of your contacts on the phone, the makers have included a pen and paper pad on the rear of the device.

The simplicity of this mobile means that the user manual takes up a single page and it is clear that the whole phone has been designed in a slightly tongue in cheek manner.

Creator Diedriekje Bok explained that the idea for the phone came about because of the locked-down, expensive nature of modern mobiles. While it may not catch on in the same way as the iPhone its basic specs could have novelty appeal.

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