Symbian bites the dust


Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system has long been lingering on death row, although it has made a few surprise appearances in new devices to keep the flame of its existence alive.

At one point, Symbian was the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, long before iOS or Android made their first appearances.

However, it ended up becoming a bit of a millstone for Nokia, since it did not stack up against these modern rivals and so the Finnish manufacturer was eventually forced to adopt Windows Phone as its platform of choice.

AllThingsD reports that Nokia has now finally signed off on Symbian’s ultimate destruction, with no new devices being built and the final stockpiles of mobiles running this platform are to be sold off in emerging markets.

The result of this is that Windows Phone will be the only smartphone OS used by Nokia and so it is effectively putting all of its eggs in one basket.

This is not necessarily a bad thing since Microsoft’s platform has been well received and models like the Lumia 925 are showing that Nokia is definitely able to compete with its closest rivals on a level playing field going forwards.

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