Technology break through promises greater battery longevity in the phones of the future

Storedot quick charge batteryA joint effort by Chinese and American scientists has resulted in the creation of battery technology which, according to TechRadar, will see new cells lasting far longer than those in current mobile phones.

What’s even more interesting about this development is the fact that, as with so many technical advances, the discovery occurred in part by accident.

The result will see titanium oxide replacing the graphite currently used in the anodes of Lithium-ion batteries. Early indications are that batteries of this composition may last for up to four times longer than at present.

Whilst this will not extend the talk time or standby time between re-charging, it will mean that battery performance will remain consistent over many more charge-discharge cycles before it finally starts to degrade. This will effectively prolong the life of phone batteries and thus reduce overall cost of ownership.

Since improvements are based upon existing Lithium-ion battery technology, they should be relatively inexpensive to implement.

Throughout history there have been numerous accidental scientific discoveries. It appears that such an eventuality is still entirely possible in the modern era, even with all of the computer modelling and research data available to contemporary scientists.