Three flagship mobile phone launches anticipated for MWC 2015

Samsung LogoThis year’s Mobile World Congress event will be the highlight of the smartphone calendar, as it now looks like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC will all be debuting new flagship handsets during the event.

The latest manufacturer to confirm its intentions was HTC, with the announcement that a new top tier device is on its way, with a March 1st launch date on the cards.

Whether it will go by the name of the HTC One M9, or by the moniker of Utopia, as suggested in the promotional invitations, remains to be seen.

Also expected to hit the headlines during MWC 2015 are the new Samsung Galaxy S6, along with the Sony Xperia Z4 and the LG G4.

While each of these devices will come from a different manufacturer, you can expect there to be several similarities between them. Each will almost certainly have a quad HD display, as well as a 64bit processor, possibly of the Snapdragon 810 variety.

New camera technology is anticipated for each, while Samsung is thought to be integrating a fingerprint scanner with the Galaxy S6, according to the latest rumours. The spring will be a highly competitive period for high end smartphones.

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