Three leaks UK price point of white iPhone 4

It is not far off a year since the iPhone 4 first launched but finally network provider Three have inadvertently revealed the cost of owning the white edition of Apple‘s flagship smartphone ahead of its UK launch.

A web page which was briefly live earlier in the week before being removed showed that the white iPhone 4 with 32GB of storage onboard will cost £160 upfront and then £35 a month on a two year contract that includes copious amounts of minutes, texts and data, according to Recombu.

The fact that three pulled the page advertising the white iPhone 4 implies that it is not only very real but also up for an impending launch in the UK, although nothing official has emerged from Apple or any other network.

The lengthy delays to the iPhone 4 in its white guise might well have made it irrelevant if the iPhone 5 was slated to launch in the usual June-July window. However, with rumours that the next iPhone has been delayed by the disasters in Japan, the white iPhone 4 could well be given its time in the spotlight before its specs are rendered obsolete.

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