Trio of Cameras Rumoured for iPhone 11

Apple’s upcoming flagship could be equipped with an impressive total of three camera lenses on its rear surface if images published by TechRadar and other outlets are to be taken seriously.

The detailed renderings reportedly showcase the iPhone 11, which will not be hitting shelves until the autumn. However, more and more manufacturers are multiplying the number of lenses that their smartphones support, so it is not completely out of the question that Apple would follow suit.

Huawei’s four-lens array on its own front-running device left some critics claiming that such a feature was overkill. Now these leaked shots seem to suggest that Apple might be willing to compromise the integrity of the iPhone 11’s design in order to cram in more photographic power.

Whether consumers are enamoured by this technology or indifferent to it is difficult to say, but with apps like Instagram pulling in so many users it is obvious that high-quality imaging abilities are going to be an important feature of any would-be market leader. 2019 might see Apple succumb to the hype in its own way, or this early image could be nothing more than wishful thinking by a third-party artist.

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