True edge to edge smartphone displays become a reality

Smartphone Displays
Smartphone Displays

Phone screens have been creeping ever-closer to the edge of handsets for some time, with touchscreen technology allowing the display to be the real focal point of modern devices.

Now a Taiwanese company has revealed a new smartphone display, which will have a surrounding bezel that measures just 1mm thick, meaning that the screen is virtually indistinguishable from the edge of the handset.

The display itself uses an LCD panel with a 4.46 diagonal measurement and a native resolution of 720p, which means that it could easily fit onto next generation devices from manufacturers like HTC.

The screen is also going to be made available using AMOLED technology, which might get Samsung interested, were it not for the fact that this firm tends to source its smartphone displays internally.

As we approach the end of the year, the first bits of information concerning what will be made available at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), early in 2013, start to emerge. This edge to edge display technology is going to be amongst the smartphone hardware showcased at the January event, so it will be interesting to see whether any new models will sport it by that point.

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