Two new Sony smartphones officially announced

Sony Xperia M5Sony has expanded its mid-range smartphone offerings with a pair of new handsets, both of which are intended to offer a bit more than the average Android-powered mobile at this point in the market.

The Xperia M5 comes with a five inch display with a 1080p resolution, a 64 bit processor, 3GB of RAM and a solidly specified 2600mAh battery. All in all, this is a fairly decent set of specifications to start it off, with 4G networking helping it to keep up with its contemporaries.

The Xperia C5 Ultra, on the other hand, is a true phablet thanks to its six inch display. It comes with an octa-core processor and a slightly smaller 2GB of RAM, while the 2930mAh battery found under the surface should help to keep it running smoothly all day.

The C5 Ultra will be a photographer’s dream, thanks to the fact that it features two 13 megapixel cameras – one on the rear and one on the front, for high quality selfie action.

Sony is not hanging around when it comes to getting these devices to market, with the C5 Ultra set to hit stores within the next couple of weeks and the Xperia M5 likely to follow shortly afterwards.