UK consumers scour web for Galaxy S4 info

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 last week, it seems that British fans were particularly eager to find out about the flagship superphone.

Experian Hitwise released data to TechRadar, which showed that more people in the UK were searching for Galaxy S4 than almost any other mobile device, in the week leading up to its announcement.

Only Apple’s iPhone garnered more search engine attention, although¬†Samsung mobiles¬†considered as a whole were able to top this handset, thanks to a 30 per cent increase in activity.

People who searched for the Galaxy S4 were doing so to find out about its release and also to see if any leaked images had appeared online before its official unveiling, according to Experian spokesperson, James Murray.

Following the debut of the device, there was an unsurprising shift in searches towards queries as to its UK pricing, as well as many people trying to find hands-on reviews from the media representatives, who were lucky to be amongst the first to actually fondle the Galaxy S4.

The hype surrounding Samsung’s smartphone launches seems to increase each year and it could eventually put the iPhone into second place, becoming the UK’s most searched-for mobile.

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