UK iteration of Galaxy S4 will be 4G ready

Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy S4

British fans of superfast mobile networking will be pleased to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is coming to our shores, is set to feature 4G compatibility.

However, a compromise has had to be made to squeeze this in, which means that we will not be getting the eight core CPU featured in the international edition.

This might upset some people who had been hoping to secure bragging rights over all other smartphone owners on the arrival of the Galaxy S4.

The good news is that the UK’s Galaxy S4 will still feature a quad core processor with a 1.9GHz clock speed, which makes it quite a bit quicker on paper than last year’s flagship handset.

4G compatibility is a sensible feature to seek out at the moment, because while EE may be the only network provider currently offering this superfast service, by the middle of 2013, we should see more of its rivals promoting their own 4G packages.

Those who crave the absolute fastest smartphone experience might want to import an eight core Galaxy S4 from elsewhere, although at this point in time it seems difficult to justify owning such a powerful device.

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