UK release of Motorola Moto Z confirmed

motorola-motozThe Moto Z mobile may have been limited in availability to the US for the past couple of months, but now Motorola is selling the handset in the UK via its official website, for a little under £500.

This is a fairly steep asking price, but still allows the Moto Z to undercut key rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S7. And with plenty of impressive specifications to its name, Motorola’s flagship smartphone could capture the attention of British buyers.

Front and centre is a 5.5 inch screen with a QHD resolution, beneath which lurks a combination of a Snapdragon 820 processor and a healthy 4GB slice of RAM, according to Pocket Lint.

The Moto Z is incredibly thin, which is largely as a result of its modular design. Add-ons can be attached to expand its functions and there are a number of high-end peripherals on the cards, including a projector module, that will set buyers back an additional £250.

Those looking for an alternative to other top tier Android smartphones may want to consider giving the Moto Z a go, although the fact that it is only available SIM-free may put off those who want to avoid any upfront payment.