Unusual Concept Phones from ZTE Revealed

ZTE Axon V. Image credit: ZTE
ZTE Axon V

A handful of images published by ZTE showcase its latest efforts to push smartphone design in a new direction, with unique camera integration offering an alternative to the traditional configurations seen on most other mobiles.

The Axon V and S stand out from the crowd because they manage to include lenses in places that keep them out of the way until they are needed.

With the Axon S, this is achieved via a slider mechanism that pops out a trio of cameras to deliver up to 48 megapixels of detail as necessary. Because the lenses are normally shielded by the body of the device, it should also prevent damage and keep them operating effectively for longer.

The Axon V does have permanently present cameras, but in this instance the front-facing lenses are permanently protruding from one side of the handset rather than being integrated as part of the symmetrical front panel. This may create a trade-off in terms of dimensions, but it does mean that the screen can effectively fill the front surface without requiring a notch or any significant bezel.

ZTE may not put these prototype designs into production, but it is good to see any firm experimenting with new smartphone creations.

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