USB-C set to conquer the mobile market?

USB-C Port
New USB-C port (image via Apple)

Earlier this month, Apple caused quite a stir when it announced that the new budget MacBook will use a USB-C connector to provide power and also act as a means of synchronising the device with secondary gadgets. And now the internet is alight with discussion of this new wired connectivity format.

What sets USB-C apart from its predecessors is its ability to overcome the need to have the connector aligned with the compatible port on a device in a particular way. So rather than requiring that users flip the cable over to insert it correctly, it can go in either orientation.

Another benefit that is being touted at the moment is the quicker charging times it will afford smartphones, with more power available, thanks to the 100 watt throughput.

Finally, the connecting hub will be smaller than old USB kit, meaning that less of the inside of mobile phones will need to be dedicated to this component. So get ready for a new generation of USB-C based handsets that are thinner and lighter even than the new iPhone 6!

This does mean that older charging cables will be made redundant, but with Apple on the side of USB-C, it really does look set to conquer the market.

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