Video comparison of iPhone 7 appears

Apple’s leaky production line offered up yet more pre-launch information about the upcoming iPhone 7 over the past few days, with its latest device being compared head to head with the current-generation iPhone 6S.

The clip (below), which appeared on YouTube via Chinese platform Weibo, shows that the headphone socket does appear to be missing from the new iPhone, with a speaker put in its place to improve the quality of out-loud audio playback.

A bigger camera lens on the iPhone 7 is also present, although aside from these details the shape and size of the device is very similar to that of its predecessor.

Insider rumours have previously suggested that Apple is planning to beef up the iPhone 7 with more RAM than ever, perhaps up to 3GB. And a suitably impressive processor upgrade is also on the cards, although this is something that occurs every year without fail.

The iPhone 7 is almost certainly going to arrive in September this year and while there were hopes of a major revolution in terms of design, this latest video suggests that Apple may well be making more of an iterative upgrade, leaving 2017’s iPhone 8 to be the true leap forwards.

YouTube Video below: