Vodafone intros inexpensive handset with solid specs

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7Own-brand devices launched by network providers can be a bit of a mixed bag, especially since they tend to aim at the more affordable end of the market and can sometimes verge on the cheap and nasty side of the quality spectrum.

However, Vodafone is hoping to get it right with the new Smart Ultra 7, a handset which should be available to buy outright for only £135, while still packing a promising selection of components.

First up is the 5.5 inch screen, which is large enough to compete with the likes of the iPhone 6S Plus and also offers a decent HD resolution to guarantee crisp imaging capabilities.

Next is the Helio P10 chipset which powers the device, benefiting from eight physical cores and working in combination with 2GB of RAM to provide slick Android performance.

16GB of storage is available as standard, with a microSD card allowing for expansion. And with a 2960mAh battery under the skin, this device should survive 24 to 48 hours before it needs recharging.

The exterior may suffer from being made of cheaper materials than its costlier competitors, but the Smart Ultra 7 offers better value for money than devices which would leave a much bigger dent in a buyer’s bank balance.