White iPhone 4 launches this week

White iPhone 4

Apple has ended months and months of waiting by finally unleashing the white version of the iPhone 4 on the UK market.

The white iPhone 4 was pulled from obscurity and thrust onto the market on Thursday and various Apple executives were on hand to talk up its features and aesthetic style.

Apple’s Philip Schiller described the smartphone as beautiful and thanked fans from around the world for being so patient during the lengthy development process.

In truth it seems that the only alteration made to the white iPhone 4 is its colouring, but this is surely enough to make existing iPhone fans and new customers commit their cash to picking it up.

The white iPhone 4 may only have a short time in the limelight and this is not only because the fifth version of Apple’s handset is destined to launch in the autumn. The fact that the competition is quickly eclipsing this range in terms of functionality could leave Apple at the back of the pack.

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II, which has already won five star reviews from several media outlets, should be reason enough to cause concern in the Apple camp.

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