Windows 10 Mobile rollout begins in earnest

Windows 10After months of delays, Microsoft has finally confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile update will be arriving on compatible Windows 8.1 smartphones in the coming days and weeks.

It was initially expected to land in December last year, but the step to the next generation of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is only just being taken. For the time being, there are still a few obstacles in the way of its arrival for many Nokia Lumia owners.

Customers can install the dedicated Update Advisor app from the Windows Phone marketplace if they want to see whether or not their phone is compatible. And for the most part anyone with a handset that currently runs Windows 8.1 will be getting the upgrade, providing they have 1.4GB of room on their phone for the download and installation to proceed.

As with all updates, aside from those performed by Apple, both manufacturers and network providers are involved in the rollout process. So the actual timeframe for Windows 10 Mobile’s arrival may differ.

Windows 10 Mobile retains a similar look and feel to its predecessors, but adds in closer compatibility with Microsoft’s current desktop operating system. It has already been featured on new Lumia handsets, including the 950 and 950 XL.