Windows Phone 7 rumoured for Nokia project

Window Phone 7
On your next Nokia?

Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia could be looking to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform for its next batch of smartphones, according to industry rumours.

It has been speculated that Nokia is going to use a speech from its CEO, Stephen Elop, during the run up to Mobile World Congress (MWC), in order to announce a new partnership that will alter the face of future Nokia handsets.

Last week it has been suggested that Nokia would bank on Android, but now various sources have been pushing a Microsoft allegiance to the fore, resulting in a small jump in the manufacturer’s share price, according to the New York Times.

Nokia has been floundering when it comes to software as a result of its continued reliance on Symbian, a platform which is seen by many as being archaic and clunky when compared to Windows Phone 7, Android and Apple’s iOS.

By banking on a Microsoft product, Nokia would be able to benefit from the contacts of its CEO who was previously an executive at the software giant before taking up his new position. This would certainly help to grease the wheel of progress for the firm, which has seen its share of the smartphone market slip in recent years.

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