Windows Phone 7 update issues resolved

Samsung Omnia 7
Samsung Omnia 7 Issues

Microsoft has announced that the first round of updates for its Windows Phone 7 platform will no longer result in some owners of the Samsung Omnia 7 seeing their handsets rendered unusable.

Last week it emerged that some Windows Phone 7 users who updated their mobiles were getting less than satisfactory performance after it had been applied and Microsoft was quick to pull the update to avoid further disruption.

With 10 per cent of users affected, this was a big deal, but now Microsoft has rooted out the issue and re-launched the update for all to download.

It is worth noting that this first update actually makes few noticeable changes to the platform, but is instead designed to prep the phones for a much more comprehensive round of changes, which are coming at some point this month.

The first true update to Windows Phone 7 is expected to add copy and paste functionality, but it will still be months before extra features like Twitter integration and an enhanced web browser are brought to the table.

Windows Phone 7 got off to a good start, with 1.5 million handsets shipping in the first six weeks after its release, so Microsoft needs to keep pushing the platform to remain competitive.

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