Windows Phone 8 to be replaced next year

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has revealed the timetable for support that will dictate how long Windows Phone users can expect to get dedicated help with their handsets.

Engadget reports that Windows Phone 8, which only emerged last autumn, will effectively be killed off in July of 2014, which is actually earlier than the September date attributed to the older Windows Phone 7.5.

Most observers are predicting that Microsoft is ending support for these mobile operating systems at this point because by then, we will see Windows Phone 9 on the market.

Hopefully, the smartphones which currently support Windows Phone 8 will be able to download its successor, which means the break off in support will not be an issue.

Those with pre-Windows Phone 8 handsets, on the other hand, are probably going to see the end of official updates next year.

WP8 has been only moderately successful since it launched in 2012 and Microsoft is probably planning to replace it quickly, to help overcome sluggish sales.

The downside of this death sentence is that people thinking about buying a WP8 device this year might be put off, if they know that support for their phone will end in a little over 12 months.

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