Windows Phone gets European sales boost

windows-phoneLast month Microsoft’s mobile operating system got a much needed increase in its European sales figures, according to stats published by Statcounter.

Windows Phone‘s market share will have been bolstered, thanks to a 24 per cent growth rate, which was recorded in July.

In May and June, it had only managed 10 per cent growth in Europe, which suggests that Microsoft could be seeing a surge in interest that will help it expand in the mobile market.

The UK was a little behind the curve, with 18.6 per cent Windows Phone growth experienced during July, which is considerably less than the 29.8 per cent registered across the Channel in France.

Of course, when you take into account the fact that just 1.68 per cent of European smartphone owners have a Windows Phone handset, it is clear that Microsoft is still way behind its rivals.

Models like the Nokia Lumia 900 are helping to spread the good word about Windows Phone and there is even a major overhaul for the platform on the horizon.

Review scores for Windows Phone handsets have remained solid, although many critics would like to see Microsoft update elements of the platform which still lag behind the likes of Android.

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