Windows Phone growth eclipsed by Samsung's Bada

Samsung Bada

While many more people are talking about Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform thanks to high profile marketing campaigns and significant support from manufacturers like Nokia, it seems that it is not actually growing as fast as another of its small scale contemporaries.

Outpacing Windows Phone, according to stats published by Gartner, is the Bada OS, which is developed in-house at South Korean firm, Samsung.

A 2.7 per cent stake in the mobile market is currently held by both Windows Phone and Bada, although the latter has actually been expanding its reach at a more rapid rate than the former.

Canadian manufacturer, RIM, remains in the doldrums, with its BlackBerry devices managing to account for just 5.2 per cent of the mobile market in the past three months, which is down from over 11 per cent in the first quarter of 2012.

Bada is just one of the software platforms that Samsung uses, since the likes of the Galaxy S3 run on Android rather than its own OS concoction. However, it is interesting to see that as many people are picking mobiles based on Bada as they are on the much more aggressively marketed Windows Phone.

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