Windows Phone increases European market share

Windows Phone

While Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is still a long way off encroaching on Android’s dominance of the mobile market, it seems that strong sales could put it in contention to trouble Apple’s position in second place, at least in Europe.

More than nine percent of the smartphones sold over the past three months within our continent have featured Windows Phone, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

In fact when you break it down to look at individual countries, the picture is even more positive. Twelve percent of British buyers chose Windows Phone in the second quarter of 2013, which is up by seven percent annually.

The expansion of Windows Phone has been significantly aided by the introduction of low cost models, in particular, the critically acclaimed Nokia Lumia 520.

Both youngsters and older buyers are attracted by low cost handsets which still offer a lot of value for money, according to spokesperson, Dominic Sunnebo.

More than seventy percent of the market is still attributable to Android, but Apple’s iOS could start to feel the pinch if Windows Phone continues its upwards trajectory, both in the UK and in other European countries, which have begun to embrace it.

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