Windows Phone loses iPlayer app

Windows 10The BBC has announced this week that it will be discontinuing its support of the Windows Phone platform, meaning many users will be unable to use the current app to catch up on TV shows and movies while out and about, according to Tech Radar.

While the deadline for this effective excommunication of Microsoft’s mobile OS has yet to be set in stone, the broadcaster is urging users to make the leap to Windows 10 Mobile so that they can enjoy content in their web browser, rather than having to rely on an app at all.

This is yet another sign that Windows Phone and the ecosystem surrounding it is waning after years on the fringes of the marketplace, with app developers shying away from it because of a lack of user numbers.

On the plus side, the fact that iPlayer is now accessible in mobile browsers is a step in the right direction and could point to a future in which individual apps are rendered redundant in favour of a browser-focused users’ experience. This would help to break down boundaries of compatibility and prevent people from being excluded from a service because of the mobile device they have chosen to buy.