Windows Phone may be axed by Microsoft

Windows 10Although it has been around for almost half a decade, Microsoft could apparently be looking to get rid of Windows Phone altogether and, instead, use Android for its subsequent smartphone releases, according to TechRadar.

Executives are reportedly in the process of weighing up the pros and cons of such an action, which would mean the end of the world’s third largest mobile operating system.

Of course, Windows 10 is arriving later this year with the intention of unifying Microsoft’s desktop and mobile ecosystems in a cohesive platform. So Windows Phone is likely to die off in its current form, irrespective of the other plans.

However, the idea that Microsoft would start using Android instead seems a little farfetched, especially as it has invested so much in gaining traction in a market dominated by Google and Apple.

That is not to say that Microsoft will not launch its own Android-based devices in the future, but rather that it will be able to do so alongside Windows Phone or Windows 10 smartphones, not in place of them.

Where Windows Phone is lacking compared to its rivals is the availability of apps, which is something Microsoft must address with investment, if it wants the platform to survive.