Wireless charging to hit big in 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

The ability to wirelessly charge devices has been around for a few years, although until recently, it has been necessary to purchase an aftermarket battery and charging jacket for smartphones to make them compatible with this technology.

However, Digitimes reports that wireless charging could go mainstream this year, since both Samsung and Apple are apparently going to adopt it as part of the native hardware for their flagship smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is being launched next week and it will apparently be compatible with wireless charging, as long as you are willing to buy an official replacement back cover and charging pad.

Later in the year, the iPhone 5S could feature similar capabilities, although since Apple does not usually go in for replaceable batteries or removable chassis elements, it is likely that this would need to be baked into every single unit.

Nokia has already worked on ingratiating wireless charging with the masses via its high end Lumia smartphones, although the sales of these pale in comparison to Samsung and Apple’s top devices.

Wireless charging may seem like a minor improvement, but it could eventually allow us to do away with wires altogether.

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