YotaPhone enters third generation

YotaPhoneThe unusual YotaPhone family is set to grow this year when the third edition of this dual-screened device hits the market, according to Tech Radar.

Designed in Russia, the first two YotaPhone models have set themselves apart from the rest of the smartphone market by featuring a standard LCD display up front and a secondary e-ink display on the rear. This makes for an intriguing combination, blending a modern handset with a Kindle-like e-reader.

The base model YotaPhone 3 will cost close to £275 when it goes on sale later this year, boasting 64GB of onboard storage. The rest of the specifications remain unconfirmed, but its very existence suggests that the manufacturer has had enough success with its predecessors to justify an upgrade.

Aside from the e-ink screen making the YotaPhone range all the better for reading text, it has the added benefit of reducing battery consumption when compared with equivalent devices which are limited to a more power-hungry panel.

Critics of the first two models pointed out that they did not feel like fully fledged releases, but rather partially completed stepping stones on the way to something truly special. This could be a prophecy that the third handset fulfils.