ZTE Iceberg the cool concept phone

ZTE IcebergAlthough best known for its budget mobiles, ZTE could be taking on higher end rivals if it goes ahead with the production of a new prototype handset known as the Iceberg.

Portrayed in concept mock-ups as part of the iF Design World Guide, the Iceberg stands out from the crowd as a result of its transparent glass corners and notched screen, which follows in the footsteps of the iPhone X.

The idea is that the display fills the entirety of the front surface, except for indents at the top and bottom where the selfie camera, microphone and speaker are housed.

Manufacturers have been attempting to get rid of the bezel surrounding smartphone displays for some time, with the Iceberg representing the most impressive design yet in this respect.

ZTE is apparently intending to bring this concept phone to the market at some point, although it will not arrive until at least 2019, according to Winfuture.

In the meantime, the Chinese brand’s Axon range will continue to fly the flag for affordable, powerful smartphones that offer an alternative to more expensive ranges like Samsung’s Galaxy S family and, of course, the aforementioned iPhone X from Apple.