ZTE Nubia Z5 will emerge on Boxing Day

zte nubia z5
ZTE Nubia Z5

A festive launch date for ZTE‘s new range-topping smartphone has been chosen, with Android Authority reporting that the Nubia Z5 will be officially unveiled for the first time during an event on December 26th.

The Z5 is worthy of note thanks to its rumoured specifications, which could put it at the top of the current smartphone tree in terms of technical capabilities.

This includes a full HD 1080p display that will have a pixel density that is up to 40 per cent better than that of Apple’s Retina Display. Combined with a 1.5GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, ZTE will be creating something rather special.

The Nubia Z5’s launch event actually comes under two weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that kicks off on January the 8th next year, which means it is getting out there ahead of its major rivals from companies like HTC and Samsung.

Whether or not this device will actually be on sale before alternative next-gen smartphones remains to be seen and it is far from confirmed as being made available in the UK. However, on Boxing Day, we should see the shape of things to come.

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