ZTE will launch 4K smartphone


ZTE BladeThe world’s first smartphone to pack a 4K display is set to be launched by Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, according to DigitalTrends.

Although the first 2K handsets are already available, packing 1440×2560 resolutions, the leap to 4K will see a pixel count of 2160×3840 featured on the ZTE Star 3.

With a 5.5 inch diagonal measurement, the display of this device will have a pixel density of 808ppi. This easily outdoes 1080p and even 2K screens, although there is a lot of debate over whether or not people will even be able to notice the difference with detail levels this high.

Aside from the fact that the naked eye may not be able to distinguish the difference between a 2K and 4K display when a handset is held at a normal distance, there are other concerns to consider, including how much processing power and battery life will be impacted by higher resolution panels becoming the norm.

Although 4K handsets are not likely to become a mainstream phenomenon until next year, ZTE may be one of the first companies to embrace this tech, if the rumours about the Star 3 turn out to be accurate. Users have to hope that the other components of future phones can keep up with the display resolution arms race.